Adventurers Lodging Available Now at the Grand!

July 30, 2023 0 By Chad

Hail Brave Adventurers!

Here is the link to the Grand Geneva Resort so you can make your room reservations for our inaugural Founders & Legends Convention in Lake Geneva.

The Tipsy Troll Inn aka Grand Geneva Resort

Don’t have a badge yet?  Get it here:  Adventurer Badge


In other news, I have confirmed a few more Guests for F&L, Zeb Cook, Keith Baker, James M Ward, Bill Webb, Skip Williams, Allen Hammack, Pat Kilbane, Chris Clark and Stefan Pokorny. I am hoping to hear back from Erol Otus, Mike Carr, Stephen Chenault and Tom Wham soon.

Events are shaping up nicely as well with Legends of Wargaming making a special appearance with different Guests than the line-up coming to Gary Con. Legio is coming strong with OD&D and other old school selections, and Tom Tullis of Fat Dragon Games is helping me craft an All New Old School Tower of Gygax! That’s right adventurers you can play an OD&D meatgrinder in Lake Geneva on teh 50th anniversary of D&D- and you might even survive the experience, although that isn’t likely. You will get an “I died in the Tower of Gygax. Gary Con XVI” or “I braved the Tower of Gygax and lived to tell the tale!” (very unlikely).

We will have a pre-convention mixer with pizza and beer for all that join us on Friday evening. And I am strongly considering Happy Hour at F&L as well. Perhaps a special stadium cup for F&L! We have badges available and plenty of rooms onsite so tell your friends and come join me at Founders & Legends Convention.


Luke Gygax