Founders and Legends Convention

Celebrating 50 years of D&D®

Welcome, adventurers and storytellers, to the grand gathering of Founders & Legends, the ultimate celebration of old school and new school tabletop and roleplaying, wargaming, and board gaming!

Founders & Legends Convention is more than just a con; it’s a sanctuary for those who yearn for the nostalgia and magic of the classic era of tabletop RPGs. Here, we pay homage to the pioneers who forged the path, and we honor the legends who inspired generations of gamers. Join us March 16 through March 18 at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin!

What is Founders & Legends Con?

Dungeons & Dragons was published in 1974, so we are doing something special to mark the 50th anniversary of the RPG genre in 2024. We literally have a once in a lifetime opportunity to celebrate 50 years of D&D®–so we’re doing it!

Demand is at its highest ever to attend Gary Con, the memorial convention to honor the life and works of D&D® founder E. Gary Gygax. Since there is more demand than we can accommodate, we have organized Founders & Legends to include more people and more gaming. We want to welcome as many people as possible to Lake Geneva to celebrate this historic milestone. Therefore, by creating a second weekend of gaming, we can offer more access to onsite hotel accommodations and our Special Guests with a greater opportunity for everyone to hang out. If you’re able to attend both conventions that’s fantastic; however, we expect most people will attend one or the other.

Another reason we organized Founders & Legends was to focus on the history of the TTRPG industry. The emphasis of F&L Con is our roots. We won’t exclude games because they are “too new,” but do encourage folks to run OD&D, Empire of the Petal Throne, Chainmail, Original Traveller, Call of Cthulhu, Role Master, Gamma World, Champion, etcetera. We’ll have a host of Special Guests to participate in seminars and panels about where we started in the 1970s and how we progressed to current day.

For a convention of only a few hundred people, the “Guest List” of “Legends” is incredible! We’ll have more than more than 25 Legends coming to F&L Con including: Ed Greenwood, Zeb Cook, Erol Otus, Keith Baker, Kelsey Dionne, James M. Ward, Todd Stashwick, Bill Webb, Stephen Chenault, Jeff Richard, and more! Of course, Skip Williams and a horde of Gygaxes will be there too. If you weren’t able to get a Diamond or Platinum Badge for Gary Con, this may be a golden opportunity to game and talk with some of the Special Guests.

What events will you see at F&L Con?

That’s mostly up to you! Similarly to Gary Con and other conventions, the events we have are largely submitted by the hardworking GMs who attend. We invite you to go back to your roots to run an old school game using the game system that made you fall in love with TTRPGs whether it’s OD&D, Ars Magica, or Pathfinder. We want you to share the nostalgia of your eureka moment in gaming with our wonderful community of gaming enthusiasts at F&L Con.

We plan to have a welcome party on Friday evening, Happy Hour specials on Saturday and Sunday, AND the return of the Tower of Gygax! ToG is a massive old school dungeon crawl that few (if any) will survive, but you will be able to say you played AD&D in Lake Geneva for the 50th anniversary of D&D®. We will have some Legends running parts of ToG throughout the weekend, so you might get your character sheet stamped in red with “I died in the Tower of Gygax” and signed by Zeb Cook, Jim Ward, or even Luke Gygax! There is also a very special tournament at F&L Con called “Incarnate.”

What is the Incarnate Tournament?

Firstly, to get into the Incarnate Tournament you must have a “Hero of the Realm” Badge. The DMs and co-authors along with Luke Gygax are Zeb Cook, Andrew Perry, Keith Baker, and Kelsey Dionne. People in the tournament will play the same character across all editions of the game, via four 4-hour sessions, in a Gygaxian-inspired epic scenario. This is a unique experience that will test your skills in a way like never before.

Do you choose the path of an adventurer?

TTRPGs have impacted all our lives in such inspirational ways and we are so excited to celebrate 50 years of gaming with all of our fellow adventurers in Lake Geneva. Will you answer the call of the quest?

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