Event Registration

Event Registration

We are using TableTop.Events (TTE) to host badge and event registration. They have an easy-to-use system for quick registration.

Shortly after event submission closes, our staff will create the online event catalog for the convention and announce Event Registration for attendees. From there, you can reserve your seat at various events and tables by getting tickets in TTE. We typically close event submissions near the end of the calendar year.

Event Focus and Open Gaming

To celebrate the roots of the Founders & Legends, almost all of the events are exclusively “Old School” games—some of your DMs/GMs may be the original authors or designers! At any given table you may find any and all versions of Dungeons & Dragons and its progenies.

In addition to the scheduled events, some tables may be reserved for “Open Gaming” where you are free to find an open table or seat to run or play an unplanned event.